Friday, January 14, 2011

2 Blogs Down!!!! A Bunch to go!!!!

I have completely finished Gladys's blog layout, and can't wait to test the upload.  I am anxiously awaiting the directions from my blog teacher.  I watched her do it, but I need the print to actually follow along in order to upload correctly.  I am hoping I get it tonight so I can upload tomorrow!  I am dying to see if I can do this correctly!!!
Here is Teaching In High Heels
(recommendations welcome)
Her Signature is there, the flower before will show where she posts, the long line is the post divider, and the button on the side will be for links and other features.  She will also get pages for specialized posts, which I did not know until now was a feature on blogger.  You can have up to 4 pages.  Very cool!

Here is my site for building blogs, which I love doing!!!!  I love starting with a white screen and ending up with this:
This is seriously me!  I love my coffee and my Apple laptop!

This is so much fun!!!!
I would love feedback.  Again, you can see the same cool features I made for Gladys on mine.  The more I practice, the better I get.  I am off to finish a Valentine's Unit and make a few more blogs for people.  I can't wait to see them uploaded!!!!


  1. Love them! I am just treading my way through blog-world, figuring things out as I go! Nothing as fancy as the ones you are creating!! Very nice!


  2. Very nice. I like the graphics. They are so cute. My favorite part is the signature! My only question is, does the center column, where the post goes, have to stay white?

    Ms. M

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  3. No, mine is actually light pink. I was thinking of changing Gladys's to a light purple. I think light is good to stick with so that people can read the font. I can actually change the font of the whole blog instead of just the blogger fonts which is pretty cool.

  4. I love them! You are doing a great job with your talent. Be proud of yourself :)

  5. Are you creating blogs for teachers now? When do you sleep?

  6. I'm wanting to start a teaching blog. I'm a second grade teacher and I love what your doing. I would love for you to create one for me.:)

  7. Yep! I am starting a little part time business to design blogs. I am loving the drawing of graphics and layouts!!! It is so much fun. I am getting ready to test upload Gladys's blog to see if I can actually upload once I create it! Keeping my fingers crossed.

    Plus if it works, I will start doing it for REALLY Cheap! Some people charge from $40-$190 for blog design. I am just going to charge like $25 or less depending on what someone wants. I like doing it for fun.

    I have never been much of a sleeper. I am one of those people that goes on 4 hours and that is just plenty. :)

  8. your blog is really cute and girly.. i like the pink theme and graphics.
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