Monday, January 31, 2011

Cute and Fun Valentine's Giveaway!

This is such a fun and cool giveaway!  
 How cute are these for party favors or gifts for our classroom that our student's can actually use!  I love it!!!

I can't believe how great this company is!  Plum Doodles is awesome because it is great for the environment!  Listen to this cool little blurb from the owner of Plum Doodles:
They are 100% recycled Crayola brand crayons that I "rescue" from area restaurants, the school where I work, and friends/families that I know who no longer use their crayons.  I then remove the wrappers and hand-pour or use silicone pans to melt the crayons and mold them into a variety of shapes.  I make both solid colored and swirled (two or three color) crayons.  The shapes I currently have available include:  hearts, dinosaurs, mini fruit shapes, frogs, ladybugs, butterflies, letters, numbers, snack foods, transportation, sports, flowers, and gingerbread men.  

I love that this is helping our environment, they are cute as all get out, and they are made by a teacher!  I REALLY like the idea of buying from teachers to help all of us make it in our underpaid jobs!

So my giveaway is for a set of heart custom crayons to 2 winners (they are sooo cute)!!!!  I just got my set of dino's and sports stuff for my own kiddo's and they went bananas!  They are actually coloring right now with them.  Jack the 5 year old said, "I wonder if they can make me as a crayon?"  Now that is an idea....I am thinking we should put some lavender essential oils to calm our student's down as they color.  Now that is something Plum Doodles should look into!

So here is how you enter:
1 entry, follow Plum Doodles blog (love her header and it is a cute blog)
1 entry, Like them on FB (you can see all her cute crayons here)

That's it!  So go on and like a fellow teacher!  Let's show our support for such an environmentally friendly and genius idea!

I will announce a winner on Wednesday evening around 8:00pm (EST)  that way you get your crayons in time for Valentine's Day!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

New Walsky's in the House

About 3 weeks ago my husband was sitting on the couch and felt like someone was staring at him.  He opened up the front blinds to see a grey cat looking in our window.  It was 12 degrees outside so my husband let the cat inside.  I was at Target when all this happened, and he called me to tell me to get cat food too.  Uhhh...What????  I am seriously the anti-cat person.  Never liked them in my life.  Cats run at the sight of me.  They hate me.  It is mutual.
Well, for the people who have no idea about cats, guess what???

She had 3 kittens under my oldest son's bed, on top of his Pottery Barn Comforter.  She pulled it off and dragged that sucker under his bed.  Let's just say this is a great excuse to go shopping....  That baby went in the trash immediately.

Aren't these just the cutest things in the world?  I have no idea what I am doing, but I feel like the proudest Mommy in the world.  I seriously love this stray cat now.  She is amazing to pop out 3 babies, take care of them all day, and give them so much love.  It is amazing to watch!

President's Day Book

I am making a President's Day Unit for TPT and TeacherEBooks and wanted to give you guys some of the unit.  Be gentle with my clipart.  I made it very quickly while working on lesson plans, blogs, and being mom.  I figured everyone could use this because there is NOTHING out there for President's Day.  Enjoy!
Click on Pic to Download
Make sure you download this copy.  Made a little typo!
Also, I think Google Docs changed, because I can't use the embedded Doc option any more.  If someone figures it out, please share how to do it again.  Thanks!

Another Blog Down!

I just uploaded another template to a blog!  I love the colors!  You guys need to check out "The Adventures of Miss. Elisabeth"... She has some very cute stuff on her blog.  I know now that since it is even more fabulous, she will love blogging even more, and share her FAB ideas!  :)  Make sure you go check her out and follow her!

 Off to create more blogs and finish my President clipart!  I will warn you, they are not the greatest, because I had to hurry to get them done.  ;)  My Barack Obama though is a keeper!  I will share those soon!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Heidi Songs WINNER!

I am so excited to announce this winner!  I have been a website stalker for years at her really OLD site and her newer sites.  She is one of the most amazing teachers in the WORLD!
Congrats to:

Kinderpond said...

Unfortunately, I don't own any of her matierals... yet :)

Personally, she is the Frog Lady to me from years of Yahoo Groups and Stalking.  :)

I am so glad you won!  You deserve it!  Just email me your info and I will put your FABULOUS Heidi stuff in the mail.  

Stay tuned for another FAB giveaway starting VERY soon!  

Heidi Songs Giveaway Ends Today!

Tonight, I will announce the winner of the Heidi Songs Winner.  This is your last chance to sign up and win!

Check back tonight right after 7:00EST to find out who won!!!

Snow Day!!!

I am home today!  Wooo Hooo!!!   I had to take the day off, because the students aren't at school because of snow, but teachers still had to go.  I was NOT about to take my 2 boys with me to school all day to work in my room!  I would get nothing but frustration done!  :)

This has nothing to do with teaching, but I thought I would share the coolest thing I just bought.  I LOVE CANDLES! I am a candle junkie!  In fact, I have a whole closet full of candles from pretty much every candle company in the world.  I am always looking for the best candle that will smell the whole house the entire life of the candle.  What I find is most candle companies over promise and under deliver.  I have NEVER found the perfect candle, and I have tried them ALL and at EVERY price.

 This is weird, but I only love candles that smell like something I could eat.  Last week I was googling Cinnamon candles and found the coolest thing ever.

You can click on the picture and it will take you to the site I ordered from.  I don't know who this person is, but man I love this thing!

I got it yesterday...This thing ROCKS!  Now, I don't have a small house at all, and this little bugger smells the entire house with the best smelling Cinnamon in the world!!!!  I can't believe that I have never seen this before or heard of it!

It is the coolest thing.  It uses a light bulb to heat scented wax on top.  You plug it in and it is kind of like a little light too!  Within minutes my house was smelling so good.  Believe me, I am not getting paid a cent (even though maybe I should) to say this.  I just love this little gadget!  I don't have to worry about my 5 year old sticking things inside a burning candle screaming, "MOM, WE HAVE A PROBLEM!"

I was excited too to find out that they aren't expensive either.  I bought the mid-sized warmer kit with 3 bars for $40 with $6 shipping.  Seriously, this is really all you need.  My house is huge, and I am on the 3rd floor right now smelling delicious Cinnamon Bear right now!  I don't even know the girl I ordered from when I googled and went to her site, but I am a happy camper!!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Free Fonts!

OK, if you are like me, you are obsessed with fonts!!!!  I love them.  I have more than 2,000 on my computer.  Man does it slow it down!!!!  But, I can never get enough.

Since I have been taking my blog design course, I am finding the best clipart and fonts that we can use as teachers for free!  Love that!

Here is a new font site with the BEST and Cutest fonts!

They are free for personal and teacher use, but if you are planning on selling using them, you must give credit (easy to do a little blurb)or pay a little sum to not give credit.

If you click on the shop section, there is also some very cute clipart that is very inexpensive.  If you are a TPT kind of teacher, you can buy the extended commercial license and use the clipart as much as you want and sell it on other sites.  This is something I just learned.  

Just Learned This: When you buy clipart on a site, you are only buying it for a limited number of times you can sell or use it, unless you buy the extended license.  This is something I learned yesterday and we could be opening ourselves up for issues if we don't spend that extra money.  YIKES!!!!!  Thank goodness I have to take a little intellectual property and cyber law class with this whole graphics and design thing.  :)  Just thought I would share, because I didn't know this!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Addition Dice Game: Roll the Die

I don't like boring game boards.  We use Everyday Math and the games they give us in the student workbook are just boring.  Today we played roll the die and the kids loved it!  They asked me if they could play everyday (something that is not often said in our classroom with EM).
I decided to fancy it up (our game board).  They are going to love it tomorrow now that it is Walskyfied!

I also use the dice in dice to help with that horrible noise of throwing die across the room.  Another tip if you don't have those is to use plastic storage ware to hold the die.  The gladware or generic tupperware salad dressing size holds a pair of die fabulously!  My kids are experts at shake, shake, drop on top to shake and roll dice. It keeps the die contained.  I actually bought my little storage containers at the Dollar Tree, here.  I love that you can buy in bulk from the dollar tree and have it delivered!  How awesome is that!  I used to go to 5 different ones to get enough for my class.  I think all of us teachers must own stock in that place!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Fabulous Freebie Giveaway!

Who doesn't love Heidi Songs?!?
Who doesn't LOVE FREE?!?

Our next giveaway is for the Sing & Spell #5 DVD for Number Words and More Sight Words!

I LOVE Heidi Songs and so do my kiddo's.  They love these songs at the end of the day.  We always do our plus and delta chart, and then end with Heidi DVD's as we wait for car riders and buses.

Here is what you need to do...

Follow Heidi Songs Blog 
Here (1 entry)

Like her on FB
Here (1 entry)

And most of you guys are already doing this because you are SUPER COOL, so tell me how you use Heidi Songs in your classroom! Remember, sharing is how we learn new and fantastic ideas.... (1 entry)

I will announce the winner on Friday, January 28th around 7:00ish EST. 

PS:  Sorry I haven't been posting much this past week.  I had 2 sick kids, husband out of town for a week, snow out the wazooo, a broken stupid new furnace, and blogs a many to design.  I am getting caught up and will be posting some cool ideas soon.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Groundhog Unit and Books

This unit comes from my old website LoveTwoTeach.  I made it about 7 years ago, but there are some cute things that you can use for Groundhogs Day.  
It is nothing fancy!  
I drew only black and white graphics back then because one of our Kindergarten and First Grade benchmarks was for fine motor skills and coloring. I love using color now!  I don't think I even had my own printer in my classroom back then.  

Click on the Picture to Download

One of my Free Blogs

A few weeks ago, when I needed people to practice my blog makeovers on I had a few volunteers.  YAY!!!!  Well, I have made 3 so far and have 2 more to go!!!

What do you all think of Amanda's over at One Extra Degree????
Please, I really want your opinions!

The butterfly will be her post icon, the button on the right will be for the about me, blog archive ect.  The "labels" will be for her special things like email the teacher, ect, and the polka dots are the post dividers.  I seriously am loving it!!!

But if you all have suggestions let me know!   I need some feedback.  Also, make sure you follow Amanda.  She has some very cute stuff on her site!

Friday, January 21, 2011

The Mark D. Pencil Winners!

The winners for the Mark D. Pencil CD's are....

Tara said...
I went to Mark's website and listened to his music sample. My own kiddos LOVED it and wanted more!

Madamsara said...
I "liked" Mark D. Pencil on Facebook.

Congrats!!!!  You have 48 hours to email me your info at  

I am so glad that all of you guys love Mark D. Pencil. 
His new CD will be out soon.  It is actually being manufactured as we speak.  I can't wait to give away two of those CD's too!
Thanks guys for supporting and saying such nice things about Mark D. Pencil.  It really is one of my favorite CD's in the entire world and I use it everyday!!!!

I will have another exciting giveaway on Monday!  I LOVE Free Stuff...and teaching!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Don't forget to Register for Mark D.Pencil Giveaway!!!!

Just a reminder that tomorrow night is the drawing for two lucky people to win the Mark D. Pencil CD!!!!!

I knew you guys would just love him!!!! 

 He saves the day every day in math.  After our hour of Everyday Math...yes hour we have scheduled.... and we must teach the entire hour....  ugghhh....the children are ready to move and groove!

Register NOW if you haven't already.  You WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!! 

  Let the groove move you, and roll on over to the page where you register.

So what are you waiting for????

Register HERE

Monday, January 17, 2011


I am so excited!!!!  I finally uploaded my blog design!!!!  It is official, I can make and upload blogs...and not just any blog, but a custom created blog!!!!  


Check it out here by clicking on the picture!

The Hip-Hoppiest Giveaway in Teacher World!

Do you know your alphabet?  Yes, I know my alphabet!!! 

Now clap your hands 2 times...Come on CLAP YOUR HANDS 2 TIMES!

I am so excited for this GIVEAWAY!!!!  

Are you ready????

Two lucky winners will win a Mark D. Pencil CD!!!!

If you have never heard of Mark D. Pencil, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?????  

That is why you need me to tell you about the coolest stuff ever!!!!

My kids cannot get enough of this CD!!!!  They beg me to play it for them!  It is by far the coolest and hippest educational CD in the WORLD!!!!!

You can listen to a sample, but I must warn you....Be ready to get your groove on...I am dancing right now as I am typing.  NO JOKE!!!
OH, Numbers help me count...

Or...Listen to all the tracks here!

Mark D. Pencil and friends has generously donated 2...yes 2 CD's to my followers. I love them so much that I stalk their FB to see when the new CD is coming out.  He promised me 2 copies to give away of that one too!!!!  


Go to Facebook and Like Mark D. Pencil (1 entry)

Go to and listen to the sample music.  Post what you think on my page.  (1 entry)

Make sure you do a separate entry for each one.  I need to listen to this CD some more because Numbers help me count, help me count....and I can't if they are all in the same post.  :)

I will announce a winner on Friday, January 21st at 9:00pm (EST)

Whooo Hooo!!!!!  Let the Hipolicious, Teachilichious, Contest Begin!!!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The WINNER is......

The winner of our Poco and Pop $50 gift certificate is....

Kristina said...

I love the birthday banner- what a cute idea!

Kristina, you have 48 hours to contact me with your information or I have to pick another winner.  I am hoping that Susan at Poco and Pop might let us have a coupon for all of us that didn't win.  What's better than free???? Discounts and Coupons!!!!
Let us know Susan if you are down with that.... Weather Pig will still have a home in classroom no matter what....

Tomorrow another great giveaway is going to be offered.  Two people get to win something that will have all the other teachers SOOOOOO jealous that they will be singing "Do You Know Your Alphabet?"...hint...hint

Last Chance for Poco and Pop Giveaway!!!!!

Today at 9:30ish pm EST (hopefully, I don't fall asleep early) the winner will be revealed for the Poco and Pop Giveaway!!!!!
Make sure you go over and look at how cute their stuff is!!!!

Then you can also like them on FB 

Make sure you leave your entries on the page below... 

 So seriously...  Quit reading this page and go register!!!!!  I said NOW!!!! :)

Who doesn't love a free $50?????

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Presidents Clip art

So President's Day is in February, and guess what????  There is absolutely no clipart available for Presidents!!!!  Why????  Are they not as cool as hearts, bears, or shamrocks?  Well, I have it in my little brain that I am going to draw them and give them to teachers to use!!!!  Well....It is easier to say than do...  I worked for about 5 minutes and made this.... But you can't laugh because I am going to make him better.  
Can you guess who it is?  

My son said, "Nice mom,  you drew Martin Luther King!" little 5 year
So, I need to work on the mouth and nose, but hey for 5 minutes, Abe Lincoln isn't too shabby.  I am going to do this for all of us!!!!  I know I can.... 

Oh, and Jack is going to be hearing Young Martin Luther King tonight during bed time.  

Dice Games

First, I love pink!!!! 

That is one reason I had to get the pretty pink dice clipart a few months ago.  Next, I just made a pretty pink dice game.  Here you go!
Click on picture to download.
I am going to upload a few more as I make them.

Coming soon:

 Word Problems and Place Value Game

My Valentine's Unit is up on TPT and Math Games Coming Today!!!!

My Valentine's Unit is up now on TPT.  I think it is the best one yet.  I am working right now on my games for Valentine's Day that are a little different from the unit, and will upload those sometime today.    I am working on the number before and after and also some Valentine's Word Problems.  Look for the a little later today.

Here is a little preview of my TPT unit.  It is 64 pages for $3!!!!!  

Friday, January 14, 2011

2 Blogs Down!!!! A Bunch to go!!!!

I have completely finished Gladys's blog layout, and can't wait to test the upload.  I am anxiously awaiting the directions from my blog teacher.  I watched her do it, but I need the print to actually follow along in order to upload correctly.  I am hoping I get it tonight so I can upload tomorrow!  I am dying to see if I can do this correctly!!!
Here is Teaching In High Heels
(recommendations welcome)
Her Signature is there, the flower before will show where she posts, the long line is the post divider, and the button on the side will be for links and other features.  She will also get pages for specialized posts, which I did not know until now was a feature on blogger.  You can have up to 4 pages.  Very cool!

Here is my site for building blogs, which I love doing!!!!  I love starting with a white screen and ending up with this:
This is seriously me!  I love my coffee and my Apple laptop!

This is so much fun!!!!
I would love feedback.  Again, you can see the same cool features I made for Gladys on mine.  The more I practice, the better I get.  I am off to finish a Valentine's Unit and make a few more blogs for people.  I can't wait to see them uploaded!!!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

I am so excited!!!! I won something!!!!!

I won Cara Carroll's kit at FirstGradeParade!!!!!  This is the first time I have ever won anything.  It is a glorious feeling!!!!!!!  I am loving the exclamation point!!!!!!!
Even though my name is spelled wrong, I know that is me.  I wrote that and no one better say they are Mrs. Walksy!!!  I will find you, because I WON!!!!!IT'S MINE, ALL MINE!!!!!!!  ;) Kind of just kidding you guys....

I should be paying her!  Cara took the time to explain this whole blog thing to me in November and explained how to upload docs and everything.  She is FABULOUS!
If you haven't, but I am sure you have...go on over to First Grade Parade and follow her...You won't be disappointed!!!!!!!There goes that Excitement again!!!!!!
Seriously FirstGradeParade is my very favorite blog on the net!!!  Well, one of my very favorite blogs!  ;)

The Giveaways Keep Getting Better!!!!!

So... Do I have any Poco and Pop Lovers?!?!

Put your hands up! Put your hands up!  Oh, wait... I am getting carried away!

Well, my next giveaway is, get this.... A $50 Poco and Pop Gift Certificate!!!!!

That's right, it isn't a typo...  I said $50 smackaroooooooo's!!!!!!!

How exciting is this!!!!!

So head on over to Poco and Pop, look around and then come on over here and leave a comment of your favorite product!  Well, we all know mine........


On Sunday night at approximately 9:30ish p.m (EST) I will pick my my random org generated number and let you know.  You will have 48 hours to let me know, or I will pick another winner. 

If you feel like following me too, I would love it because that makes you the coolest, most happening, and prettiest teacher in your school.  :) But it won't get you an extra entry this time.  Don't cry... 

Well dog on it, Poco and Pop told me their facebook wasn't working, but low and behold, it is up and running. If you like them over there, I will give you an extra entry!!!!!  I know Susan from Poco and Pop is coming out with some great new products so you will definitely want to follow her on FB.  I just did!!!!
Here is the link

Let the Giveaway Games Begin!!!!!

Can you tell I love this!!!!  If only I would win one....

I love Vista Print!!!!

OK... I am loving some Vista Print!  A blog (can't find it because I wanted to give credit) gave me a super cute and fun idea!

OK, here are two cute things that I had to get for my classroom.  And guess what????  They were free!!!!  All I had to pay was shipping from Vista Print (very reasonable).  I love Vista Print.  You can get a ton of cute things like business cards, notepads, postcards, and stampers for free.

Here is the first free item

I am going to use the business card with the "SUPER PAW" for students who are on Paw all week as a cute little motivator. We are the Wildcats and we say stay on Paw(Green, A, what ever the best is...) I am going to start the PAW club in my room and take pics of those students who were on Paw the entire month, and have a little Super Paw Celebrity corner display.

My next Free Item!!!

For the Postcard with I LOVE CHARMS:   Those go to super star Covey leaders (We are a Covey Habits School). Kids earn charms for being leaders. I am going to make a big deal about getting the Over Sized Post Card!!!!  Those will be my Leader Club Kids!!!  Hopefully all my students will be in that club!  I am not sure how we will celebrate.  I think I will let the kids come up with the ideas for the Leader club.

I also got a free stamp that I put a star and Mrs. Walsky's Super Stars!!!