Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Classroom Tour,32 KIDS, and Blogger Friends STUFF!

OK, all of you who are bummed about only having a few weeks left for summer can now have a little sympathy!  I went back to school on July 5th!!!!!  I love year round school, but man ol man, I had a quick 3 week break!

Well, I now have 32 Kinder-Kiddo's!  I have 0 chairs and no tables left.  I am thinking of just getting rid of all my furniture to make room for all the bodies.  :)  There is no room at my school to make another Kindergarten, so I am making the best of the situation.

Here is a quick tour of the new room.  I was nice and organized, but with all my bodies, I kind of just throw stuff out of the way.  :)

I also feel like my room was decorated by all my blogging friends!

Our door into our classroom

Our cubbies:  I used my Silhouette  (teacher friends, do not by a Circuit machine!  Silhoutte does not use cartridges and you can use ANY text or picture made!!!!!  So much better!!!!) machine to cut out chalk board vinyl to put on their boxes and used a chalk marker to write their names.  Very easy to change names if a student leaves and a new one enters.

You can barely see the Pete the Cat Headbands in the cubbies from Fran at Kindergarten Crayons.  Love that book and LOVE her packet.  I have used pretty much every activity and they are so easy to use and K friendly.

More cubbies!  Excuse the books stacked.  I did use some for storage, but as the kids enrolled, I had to make way for more students!
I love my birthday banner from Poco and Pop!

I also love my Colors and Shapes by Poco and Pop.

My crayon artwork is by Honey Bunny Studio.  I bought frames at Michael's for $6.00 and used Command Picture Mounting to keep them in place.

Rainbow Names courtesy of Deana Jump!

My cute little chair I got for free and decided to Walsky it up for my reading chair!

I seriously love me some Polka Dots!  Mirror from Happy Everything and Love What You do Sign from Porter's Polka Dots.

More cute numbers from Poco and Pop!  I also have a sign by Hadar at Miss Kindergarten.  I also have a summer countdown picture.

More Poco and Pop letters and my posters from Honey Bunny.

My favorite thing, and I can't believe I didn't take a picture is my EMTanner Designs picture!  I found the company from Sydney over at Lesson's Learned, and pretty much bought one of everything.  I love this picture.  I have one that has me with a blonde bob, green eyes, freckles, and says Mrs. Walsky.  Of course, I hung it with pink and green polka dot ribbon.
Love it, and the kids adore it too!

I hope all of you are enjoying your last few weeks.  I have a bunch to share, but I had an Macbook emergency, which is where all my stuff was located.  I spilled coffee on my mouse pad on the laptop and now it won't work.  I am trying to dry it out with rice upside down.  I also ordered a magic mouse in hopes that I can use that when it is dry.  So until then, I am creating on the iMac.  If only I could find my stupid Adobe Illustrator CD to load on this thing!  Have a great week.  I know I will be passed out every night.  We teachers must have kidney issues as we grow older.  I don't think I have used the bathroom during the day in two weeks!  AHHH!