Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Free Everyday Math Apps for Ipods!!!!

Great news for all of us Everyday Math Teachers!
During the NCTM conference, all EM Apps are free to download! 

I love Free!!!!

All of our favorite (well kind of) games are on Itunes!

All you need to do is search Everyday Math in the Itunes store and start the downloads.

Here are the dates of the free downloads


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Honey Bunny Studio Winner and Why I have been MIA....

Sorry for being such a long time to post the winner for the Honey Bunny Studio Giveaway.  For the past 3 weeks, my mom has been having health issues.  

She got out of the hospital and had been doing great for a week.  
Then on Thursday, my dad called me and said,"Your mom is being down right mean.  She won't listen to a word I say."  

He took her out to dinner and right in the middle of dinner she fell into a seizure (she has no history of ever having a seizure).  She had seven seizures in the matter of 2 hours.

It has not been fun.  We finally got her stable today.  This is the first day she has not had a single seizure.  

It is tough to see your mother not know who you are, or who her grandchildren are (she lives for those kids).  
It was so sad in the ER.  She was like a child.  She kept asking when her parents were going to get there (they have been dead for 20 years). 
 I had to break it to her that her parents were no longer living and she broke down like it was the first time she had ever heard the news.  
The only good thing is she doesn't remember the pain of the seizures or anything after each one.  God is granting her peace through this ordeal.

So, now you know why I have been MIA, and took so long to announce the giveaway.

So here is the winner....

Briana said...

I "liked" Honey Bunny Studio on Facebook.


Congrats!!!  Please email your info and I can pass it on to Honey Bunny Studios. My email is: