Saturday, November 27, 2010

Classroom Design and a Tree

This year I went from a Title 1 Reading Specialist back into the classroom.  I came into my classroom in October, so the kids had been with another teacher starting in July.  To top it off, we are moving to a brand NEW school in March!  I can't wait!

I love to have a classroom where I LOVE to spend time.  I figure I spend most of my time in the classroom, so why not make it a place that I love to be in.  I couldn't move into my classroom until the weekend before my student came back from our Fall break, so I had 2 days to make my classroom inviting and a place that I love, and get rid of the 12 filing cabinets, 7 tables, and 2 teacher desks.  Of course, I decided to do some crazy stuff.  I wanted a tree in my classroom and a jungle theme.  Here is the finished classroom!

My students love to read on bean bag chairs and partner read during the Daily 5.  The favorite thing in the room is our tree!

Here is my Cafe Board and small skill instruction area.  Our school is older, but is in fabulous shape.  I can't wait to decorate my new room in a brand NEW school.  I already have my thinking and creative caps on!

The computer center is used for listening to reading, math skills, and typing books.  I use hooks on the wall to store headphones so they never get tangled.  I also have hooks on the side of each computer to hold login cards for each student.

I love my SmartBoard, but I love our Self Portraits even more!  My students created their own portraits and we hung them in the front of the room.  They did a great job and they remind them that we are a School Family!


  1. I love your tree! I have a jungle theme too. How did you make your tree?

  2. ok, my leaves both already drooped!? How did you hang yours??

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  3. Your tree was very nice and also your classroom.Designing being a students life was very beautiful like this classroom.
    regards, saad from

  4. fine, my results in both witout a doubt drooped!? Precisely Hotel Duvets how does a person hang up yours?

  5. I enjoy your own tree! I've got any rainforest topic too. hyper based marketing Exactly how do an individual make your own tree?

  6. How did you make that amazing tree?

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